Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Winner Is...

Don nailed it!

A record commonly thought to be held by Bob Feller and Nolan Ryan is really held by Mark Koenig, former second baseman for the New York Yankees. In establishing the record for the fastest pitch, both Feller and Koenig were measured by the same U.S. Army machine. Feller's fastest pitch was measured at 98.6 mph; Koenig was measured at 127 mph. (Koenig's record is rarely recognized, because he was not a pitcher)

Popular Science, April 1957
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The Mojo Hand


  1. Don, congrats for ferreting that out.

    Mr. Mojo and your hand, thanks for hosting the contest. I fell asleep last night after telling my wife about the contest. I woke up this morning with (incorrect) answers buzzing in my brain.

    The article is from Popular Science, April 1957.

  2. Thanks. It took a lot of sluething this morning to find it. I first found a mb thread on baseball fever that referred to a Baseball Digest article. I did not find the Baseball Digest article, but did find the Popular Science one.

  3. That is something which many of us did the know the fastest pitcher. Great Post.

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  4. Dang, I completely glossed over that little tidbit when I was researchin'... pitch =/= pitcher. Brain-teasery.