Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Great Mojo Card Binge

I cashed out my options from work, and went on a well deserved card binge. I gave the wife a nice golden goose egg, and spent my portion of the basket on cards. I still have a little over 600.00 left to spend, and will post the results when I have depleted the remaining funds.

This fiendish splurge started Thursday afternoon at The Hobby Hut in Derby NY, and ended somewhere around 10:30 PM yesterday night at The Waldonian Temple in Dunkirk NY.

The binge consisted of the following hobby, and retail items.

3 Random retail Boxes of 2009 Panruss Rookies & Stars.

1 Two pack retail strip of 2009 Panruss Rookies & Stars.

25 Retail packs of 2009 Tristar Obak.

2 Retail blasters of Goodwill Champions.

1 Hobby boxes of Allen & Ginter

1 Mini hobby box of 09 Ballpark Collection.

10 Retail packs of Goodwill Champions.

1. Hobby box of Panruss Legends.

1 Hobby box of 2009 Topps Chrome.

1 Retail blaster of Tristar TNA Impact

1 Failed attempt to purchase a Hobby box of 2009 Topps Ticket To Retardom.

1. Highly anticipated pack of 2009 Bowman Sterling Football paid in full, and to be picked up sometime Thursday.

Let the beatings begin.....

2009 Donruss N.F.L Rookies & Stars

Quanity: Three Retail Blasters, and one retail two pack strip.

Damage: $70.00

The D.L: Interesting design, and crop of exciting rookies made for an interesting break.

Mojonic Odds: One guaranteed autograph or relic per blaster.

The Cheese: Retail version has way to many doubles. Poor relic placement, and not enough ink.

Rating: 3/5 Fingers

Greg Olson Gold Paralleled Dirty White Jersey.
Wow I wonder what field the dirt is from?
Or maybe he just munched on a taco at halftime.

Andre Brown Blue Jersey 171/299

Brian Robiskie Brown Jersey 113/299

2009 Tristar Obak

Quanity: 25 Retail packs

Damage: 2.95 x 25 = $73.75

The D.L: Absolutely bizarre, and highly trivial. A milestone product for Tristar.

Mojonic Odds: Retail is unknown.

The Cheese: Where is the love? Out of 25 retail packs ripped not a single hit yankeed. The absolute bizarreness, and psychedelic appearance of the base set more then made up for it.

Rating 4/5 fingers.

Tazawa Pro Debut

2009 Topps Chrome

Quanity: One Hobby Box

Damage: $65.00

The D.L: Super shiny cards, and on card autographs.

Mojonic Odds: Two on- card rookie autographs per hobby box.

The Cheese: The Xfractors are retail exclusive. Although the box states two auto's I pulled a third. I'm truly convinced there is now a box with 1 auto floating around there somewhere. If someone falls an auto short email me.

Rating 4/5 Fingers & Half a thumb.

Nolan Reimold Autograph
This ones for El Beardo uno

Ramiro Pena Autograph
The Yankees have a farm system?
If so I would like to elect Ramiro as my extra hit

Andrew Bailey 50/50

2009 Goudeywin Champions

Quantity: 10 Retail Packs + Two 20.00 Blasters

Severe Damage: $62.72

The DL: On card autographs of legendary athletes.

The Cheese: The cheap feel of the card stock makes for a fine Quesadilla. This Retro Rip Off is way to similar to earlier released retro themes, and the over hyped artwork lacks originality.

Rating: 2/5 Fingers

Very clean white jersey.

2009 Allen & Ginter

Quantity: 1 Hobby Box

Damage: $97.00

The D.L: Product of the year.

Mojonic Odds: Three hits per hobby box.

The Cheese: A huge gap in the hit or miss category.

Rating: Mojo Approved ( 5 /5 fingers)

Rocco Baldelli Grey Jersey
Is there two versions of this card?

Joe Mauer Grey Jersey

The Great One

Mental Movies.
This is why I love A&G

2009 Ballpark Collection

Quantity: One mini hobby box

Damage: $40.00

Mojonic Odds: Two paralleled cards, and three hits per mini box.

The D.L: Very nice looking cards.

The Cheese: Upper Decks Swan Song

Rating: A contested 3 fingers and a pinkie.

Roy Hallady Autograph/ Baby Blue Throwback Jersey
This card indeed kicks ass

Hanley, Reyes, Kinsler, Escobar, Quad 221/500
This card has potential.
Its very,very,very,very grey.
Wicked I Got You Baby!

Fielder, and Hank 164/500
Dirty white Jerseys.

Jeter/ Giambi ###/699
Opposites attract

2009 Tristar Impact

Quantity: One crafty blaster.

Damage: A little over twenty bucks.

Mojonic Odds: One autograph per blaster

The D.L: I had a blast with this blaster.

The Cheese: Not enough grease.

Rating: My elbow in your face.

Madison Rayne Autograph.
Hands down my favorite pull of the entire binge.
I love this card.

The Mojo Hand


  1. Well, I think you've given me a new goal in life. What a splurge!

  2. Damn man, talk about a shopping spree!

    Excellent work indeed sir!

  3. Nice cards. That halladay is awesome!

  4. That was good...even from a distance.

  5. Ouch! Too bad you didn't get some better hits for the $400+ you spent.

  6. More like The Nojo Hand so far. I try no to get caught up in the $$ part of collecting. I always have to ask myself if Im having fun, because when it comes down to it thats what really matters.

    I did, however, pull another Mystery Cut a couple weeks ago so I really cant complain.