Monday, September 28, 2009

Old Yankee Stadium Ante

No winners yet? I'm truly shocked.

In the tradition of previous contests I will continue to raise the ante. If at anytime the hand pictured above begins his nervous ways a time limit may be added.

Pictured above is a 2008 Stadium Club Dice K Yankee Wall Relic 389/428. According to the card this relic is a piece of the outfield wall.

Everyone gets a second guess.

I'm working on posting my recent card binge so stay tuned.

Good Luck,

The Mojo Hand


  1. Dude that a cool card... Even tho i hate the Yankees ... gotta say thats cool

  2. Mark "The Bird" Fidrych. A little Worcester County Pride. I thought it was Walter Johnson but someone guessed it so I'm throwing one out there.

  3. Matt Cain. That's my second guess, and I'm guessing it because he's at the top of the page as part of your background haha

  4. This is a good one mojo! Im completeley stumped! my last guess will be : Mike Pelfrey

  5. It looks like the obvious has already been guessed. According to Guiness Book, it is Nolan Ryan. Google brings up Zumya. A bunch of others have been mentioned also.

    I will throw Smokey Joe Wood out there as a guess.

  6. In 1985 Sports Illustrated author George Plimpton said Mets rookie Sidd Finch throw a 168 mile per hour pitch.....

  7. I'll go with Tim McClelland, the plate umpire that tossed the Tiger's Nate Robertson after one pitch in July of 2005.

    Game Recap.

    If that thinking out side the box doesn't work, I'll use my third (yes, we only get two) guess on George Brett and his bat.

  8. Just to set things straight this is not a trick question.

    It was thrown by a M.L.B player.

  9. Hint

    It was well documented in several science publications.


  10. been lurking for a few months

    nice dice-k
    odd pairing with yankee wall

    my guess would be matt anderson

  11. Mark Koenig? (If the article I found is the correct one)