Saturday, September 19, 2009

Goabak & Goonter

I made up an excuse to head over to Wall Mart, and picked up a retail blaster of 2009 Goodwill Champions. The first thing I noticed after ripping through one pack was how similar this product was to 09 Goudey , Tristar Obak, and Allen & Ginter.

The artwork and the cheap feel of the card stock is very similar to one of my least favorite releases of all time The Infamous 09 GOUDEY. Throw a couple minis in there, and a couple of unknown athletes that nobody gives a shit about and BANG ! You have Goabak & Goonter.

Wow I pulled a freakin auto of Ted Martin! A Hacky Sacker!!!

I'm going to give away the contents of this blaster so stay tuned!

The Mojo Hand


  1. At first I thought you said "I'm going to throw away tyhe contents of this blaster", which made me laugh.

  2. You always end up getting the best :)

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