Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Triple Zookie

I would like to give a HUGE Thank You to my man Wicked Ortega over at My Past Time for hooking me up with three very rare autographed Zookie cards. I was recently let go from my job of seven years, and these three cards made my day.

Words cant explain how I felt prior to opening this mailer, but I can honestly say that I felt a hell of a lot better after I ripped it open. All three cards are 2004 Donruss Elite EE, and are cards that I have long coveted.

I have always admired 04 EE for its futuristic rainbow foil appeal, and wicked die cuts. These cards are straight up awesome, and I will definitely be sending Mr. Wicked something very nice in return.

On with the cards!

The regular foil is numbered 243/473, and is personalized with a Cal State Fullerton abbreviation under the signature. I just it love when a player does this not only does it help give the sticker appeal, but also gives a nice personal touch to it as well. Needless to say its something that players don't do enough of.

The aspirations die cut is numbered 15/100, and although the auto is basic the beautiful design, and shape of the die cut makes up for it. I'm not sure what it is, but there's something about red foil that gives my arms goose bumps.

Last, but not least my favorite of the three a Status 28/50 blue foil die cut. Once again Zook went out of his way, and personalized this autograph with his C.S.U.F jersey number three. This is by far the rarest Zookie card I own, and The Mojo Vault will definitely play a roll in personally thanking Wicked for this one.

P.S There will be a contest soon.

The Mojo Hand


  1. Sorry to hear about the job...

    Nice Cards!

  2. These cards are sweet! I'm a huge A's fan and Suzuki is my favorite player on the team. Now I know what my next eBay search will be.

  3. As a fellow Kurt collector I gotta say, those are awesome. I was actually bummed when Wicked Ortega told me that he had already promised them to you. I just knew they were for me. Got any Zookie doubles that need a new home?