Friday, September 18, 2009

Legendary Hot Box?

Updated Photo
You be the judge!

1. Mystery Cuts Redemption (1 Per Case)
2. Tony Romo 20th Anniversary Relic (1 Per Case)
3. Carl Yastrzemski Legendary Memorabilia (1 Per Box) Baby Blue Jersey? 11/100
4. Ron Santo Legendary Memorabilia Powder Blue Jersey 84/125
5. Steve Carlton Legendary Memorabilia White Jersey With Stripe 22/75.
6. Chipper Jones Destination Memorabilia Grey Jersey.
7. Tim Raines Legendary Memorabilia Bat Relic 13/50.
8. Don Mattingly Parallel 401/550 (1 per box)
9. John L. Sullivan Parallel 175/550(1 per box)

All cards minus the Redemption can be traded for a Kitty.

The Mojo Hand


  1. Here kitty, kitty, kitty....I pine for a kitty to exchange for the Yaz. Very nice box.

  2. That Yaz is pretty pretty. Raines is nice too

  3. I already traded you all of mine. I have 2 tabby cats though. Will you take those?

  4. Im looking for a Bazooka /25 A Relic Or a framed silk.

    However I can be enticed.

    Beardy I got a some goodies coming your way.


  5. i just sent you a cat..... does that count??
    It's Mojo Magic at it's finest!!!

  6. Sure WIcked!

    Email me with what you want brother!.


  7. Mr. Mojo
    I sent an email to this address: on monday. did you happen to get it?

  8. Big D

    Im working on getting some zookies together for you as we speak. Shoot me your address.

  9. Is that a John L Sullivan the boxer card? I didn't realize that Legandary Cuts had boxers in it. I think I'm going to have to scan over that checklist.