Monday, September 7, 2009

Band Gigs & Pics

The band has been gigging for the past three weeks, and we have finally come to a break. First we did a benefit for a friend with cancer at Crazy Jake's in Tonawanda ( top pic) to about 150 people. It was a good show, unfortunately, the weather was just crappy, and it rained to god damn much.

Last Thursday night was J.T Whitfield's ( middle pic). The band was a little cranky, and it showed through are music. We got some complaints from the owner about are sound levels ( to loud) but the crowd of 100 was so drunk they loved us. As a matter of fact Jim my drummer got an email from the same complaining owner, and he want us back next week.

The final gig (bottom picture) was a private party we did at Chautauqua Lake for about 40 people. It was awesome!! The band sounded great, and we played for 5 hours. We set up in Steve's driveway facing the lake, and the view was just incredible.

The crowd loved us, and it showed through the amount of beers lying all over the place. When it was all said, and done we did over 4 encores. I would like to take time to thank Steve for having us, and for being so generous $$.

Its a long way to the top if you wanna rock and roll.

The Mojo Hand


  1. Nice pics. Are you the singer or the Axe man or do you slappa da base (sorry, I just watched I Love You Man)?

    Where in Chautauqua where you? I used to spend just about every weekend in the summer there until I started going to school year round and then had to get a job.

    If I had to quess I'd say that you were on the East side just north of Bemus Point. Hard to tell, though.

    Man, I miss Chautauqua.

  2. Scratcher,

    Im the singer. We were actually on the southern most tip next to Jamestown.

    Gotta come back and visit sometime!

  3. Do you guys have a website or something where we can hear this band of yours?

    If you ever play in Baltimore, I'll be there.

  4. Beardy

    We got a couple of crappy recordings from when we first started. We are looking to update our songs.