Monday, September 7, 2009

Golden Surprise!

I'm one of those collectors that when I see a garage sale I pull my whip over, and ask the same question " hey you got any baseball cards?". Nine out of ten times the little old lady having the sale will say no, and I will continue on my way to Wally World, or wherever it is Mojo is driving to that day.

Well thanks to an unappreciative grandson this time was different.

I was on my way home from work when I noticed that the old lady around the corner from my house was having a garage sale. I instantly pulled my rig over, and asked the usual spill. The old lady turned to me and said " yeah I think that little bastard left a few" I pulled over the whip, and approached the table.

Is it me or do garage sales always have the same old late eighties, and early nineties stuff that you cant seem to get away from? As I shuffled through the Nike Air Jordan shoebox familiar names like Wally Joiner, Fred Mcgriff, Robin Ventura, and Chris Sabo appeared. You know your getting old when it seems like yesterday when you were collecting those same cards.

As I shuffled through the final row I noticed three cards in top loaders. I got a little tired of looking at the same Wally Joiner card so I abandoned the final row, and pulled them out.

To my surprise one of the cards was a Cal Ripkin Jr. 1995 Pinnacle Select Certified Edition Gold Team 3/12. I have to say this is one of the nicest cards I have ever laid my eyes on. Its like the card was etched in gold, and then shellacked with high gloss. The detail on the back of the card is truly amazing, and is like nothing I have ever seen before.

I have no idea what kind of technology is on this gem so if anyone can educate me it would be most appreciated.

The second card was just as nice! A 1996 Kirby Puckett Bowman's Best Refractor. What a great looking card all around. Back in 96 Topps didn't have the color assortment they do now so I'm guessing this would pass for a gold refractor. This has to be the shiniest card I own, and I own quite a few shiny cards.

Last, but not least is my favorite card of the bunch a Ken Griffey Jr 1994 Topps Finest. I had a difficult time taking a shot of this card, because it is just so shiny, but let me tell you this card is sharp. The design of this card is out of this world, and the chrome technology gives it a three dimensional look. Its like Jr is running from a rainbow colored universe.

I gave the old lady a five dollar bill ( she only wanted $1.00) and drove home wondering what ever happened to Wally Joiner?

The Mojo Hand


  1. Nice haul for $5. All 3 cards are really nice, but the Griffey and Ripken are my favorites.

    I gotta start stopping at yard sales!

  2. That's nice for a yard sale. I tell you, I'm lucky to even find late '80s stuff at a yard sale. It seems like anyone who has cards they don't want nowadays sells them online.

  3. Familiar names like Fred mcGriff? FAMILIAR NAMES LIKE FRED MCGRIFF?

    Haha I wish that yard sale was in nearby Indiana. I'm trying to collect every single Fred McGriff ever, and I'm currently sitting at like 220 after a few ebay lot sales go through.

    Also, I'm super jealous. I never get that one time out of ten, maybe my luck will change in the future haha.

  4. Spas
    Dunkirk N.Y is garage sale city. I would be willing to bet that we have more garage sales then any other town in the states.


  5. You have a special gift for finding great stuff like this. What a find!