Friday, July 10, 2009

More Threads!

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If I had to choose a product of the year for 08 it would have to be Donruss Threads. Not only is Threads fun to rip, but also very affordable ( as low as $50.00 a box some places). The set is loaded with today's brightest young talent, and you can also pull some pretty damn fine legends as well.

I would like to thank the customer service lady at Dave and Adams for helping me out with this box. I showed up at the warehouse at a quarter after five ( they close at five), and she went out of her way to get someone to pull my box.

I'm closing in on what should be a case worth of Threads, and I have never once ripped a box that I was not happy with. Yeah its not licensed by M.L.B, and its full of sticker auto's, but Donruss did something last year that Topps/Upper Deck just couldn't seem to do. Get today's top rookies to autograph a card for them. For example: Johoulys Chacin, Tyler Flowers, Chris Carter (A's), Neftali Soto, and Neftali Feliz are just a few of the kick ass auto's you can find in 08 Threads.

If you really think about it 09 Bowman could have used at least one of those names, but I guess they couldn't get anyone to sign ( what a joke). I finally pulled the Tyler Flowers card I have chased over the last year or so. Tyler is getting a lot of comparisons to Piazza, and has absolutely been mashing the ball for Birmingham.

The other three auto's were nice as well including the Gerardo Parra 87/100 auto I pulled out of the final pack. The Molitor game used is my giveaway so if there is any Brewers fans out there give me an email, and this one is yours.

If you see any cards of interest give me an email

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