Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Finally something on the A's front worth blogging about. Young lefty Brett Anderson may have just turned in the pitching performance of the year. He not only threw a two hit complete game shut out last night, but he did it against a very good Red Sox offense striking out nine including Kevin Youkilis twice.

His slider had to be the filthiest I have seen from any pitcher all year, but it was his fastball that shocked me the most. For the first two months of the season it was in the 88-93 MPH range, but last night he was touching 97 MPH with it, and with incredible movement.

Jason Varatek had this to say "He absolutely abused us"

Pictured above are two of my prized Anderson cards. His 2007 Donruss Elite EE Autographed Die Cut 18/50, and his Prime Material ThrowBack Threads 32/50 from the same set.

The Mojo Hand


  1. I picked him up for my fantasy team after watching the last 3 innings. He was swesome.

  2. Mojo, Mojo. I love Brett Anderson! When the Athletics came to town (toronto) I nagged at Anderson and Cahill for 3 days but they eventually signed.

    I managed to get Anderson, Cahill, and Outman all on the same charcoal sketch that was supposed to be a painting until I got really fucking lazy.