Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nick Adenhart 8/24/86 - 4/09/09

A very sad day in the world of baseball as promising rookie pitcher Nick Adenhart's life was snatched away by yet another drunkin asshole. I just watched this kid pitch last night, and he had a ton of talent to say the very least. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. A's catcher Kurt Suzuki who played with Adenhardt for the U.S Olympic Qualifying team in Cuba, was "absolutely crushed" by the news of his close friends death. I think veteran first basement Jason Giambi sums it up best.

"The kid threw the game of his career last night; he just got a chance to touch his dream a little bit, and he was going to have a bright future. It just shows you how precious life is."

With that in mind, its important we all take the opportunity to remind ourselves that its never o.k to get behind the wheel while impaired and its our duty to stop others from doing the same. Your actions can save a life just as easy as they can take one away.


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