Thursday, April 9, 2009

The 1990 Grenada stamp block

This cool looking sheet of Island stamps was a gift from my loving mother in law Sue Parker. Sue is always on the look out for baseball related collectables for me, and dropped by this morning with this uncut sheet of 1990 M.L.B stamps form the tiny island of Grenada. The island stamps began to appear in 1987 when Grenada, the southernmost of the Lesser Antilles' Windward Islands, issued a sheet commemorating the 1987 All-Star Game. The sheet featured Wade Boggs, of the Sox, and Eric Davis of the Reds. The stamps were issued about four years after 6,000 U.S troops invaded Grenada to evacuate the thousand or so U.S citizens living on the island, and to restore order in the wake of a bloody coup. Grenada was initially persuaded by its philatelic agent, the Inter- Governmental Corporation, to issue baseball stamps in hope that they would kindle interest among stateside baseball- card- collectors. The idea never caught fire with collectors, and can be found on the open market for dirt cheep. A fun addition to your collection the stamps look great when framed, and showcase some of the greatest players to ever take the field. 

Thanks Sue for hooking me up

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