Thursday, April 9, 2009

A moment in the sun!

Jeff Bailey Cryptic Auto
Michael Bowden Auto
Jeff Bailey After Signing!!
My daughter Grace!!
Grace and Mr. Met!!

I pulled the old Ferris Buller off today, and headed to Coca Cola Park ( formerly known as Dunn Tire Park) with my family to watch the newly aquired Mets AAA afiliate Buffalo Bisons. With the tempeture hovering at about 41 degrees we only lasted six innings, but had a good  time overall to say the least. The seats were 5 rows from the visitors dugout, and 6 seats away from Micheal Bowden one of the top pitching prospects from Pawtuckett. Why he was sitting in the crowd was beyond me, but was a really cool kid and signed the ball pictured above for my daughter. If it wasn't for the 20 doubles of his 09 Topps series one rookie  card, and the fact that he had a Pawsox jacket on I never would have known it was him. Needless to say I did it on the down low, and at the time I left was the only one who approached him. I set out earlier in the day to get an autograph of Clay Buchholz, and after a failed attempt one of the most fascinating things happened to me. Jeff Bailey who was taking warm up swings at the time took notice of Clays inability to sign ( cocky bastard) , and offered his autograph. I have been to over 100 games, and have never had a player take time out of his warm up to do such a thing. Not only is Jeff Bailey a stand out player, but also one who cares for fans. At the time of my departure the PawSox were kicking the Bisons ass 5 -0.


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