Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Limited Edition

Its hard to Imagine that at one point S.P had an autographed prospect card that rivaled that of Bowman. I received this 1997 Eric Chavez Limited Edition S.P Top Prospect from an anonymous source in the mail yesterday. The silver foil design is incredible, and actually changes to gold when reflected in light. The action photo of Eric is perfectly centered in the middle of the card, and surrounded by what seems to be a cloud of gold dust ( Brilliant).  The on card autograph is perfectly centered with no useless border, or frame to help contain it. It really upsets me that U.D has gone down hill over the years. It went from one of my favorite brands to uncreative base cards, jersey cards, and sticker autographs. Please Upper Deck regain your creativity before its to late, and while your at it bring back the on card prospect auto!!!



  1. I believe the top prospect auto's were randomly inserted into 97 SP packs. I know for sure that 98 was the first year of Authentic, and Finite.