Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wall -Mart + 30.00 = ?

After shaking off the Mailbox blues my 6 year old daughter Grace reminded me that Beverly Hills Chihuahua was out on DVD. I promised her earlier in the week that I would rent it for her so off to Blockbuster we went. On the way we passed good ol Wally World. The thought of that 2009 Topps Cereal box that I left unpurchased yesterday along with a blaster of 09 U.D summoned me to turn into the parking lot. Sure to my surprise ( not really) there they were. Mixed in with all the other bullshit grab bag boxes that Wally World has been trying to push off. I purchased them stashed the last 5 packs of 09 American Heritage behind the Pepsi cooler and got the hell out of that crazy fucking place. Upper Deck has to be one of the most disappointing products this year. Hit wise the hobby boxes have been loaded with bullshit players ( What the fuck is up with the David Murphy autos there popping up everywhere like a bad case of V.D) I mean a triple jersey of Bill Hall who gives a crap!! What is up with the fake jersey pieces that spell the player initials. How retarded is that. Its either a real jersey or no jersey Upper Deck get it!!! I was lucky enough to pull a Yovanni Gallardo Auto Jersey #99 but since then have been pulling Derek Lee, and the rest of the ass wipe clan. Hey an on card auto 89 rookie reprint of J.R can have A man doing stupid things so I continue to purchase them, and continue to disappoint myself. As far as 09 Topps goes well I love it. I really like these 10.00 retail cereal boxes you can get at Waldo World.  55 cards of bullshit and 1 chance at a platinum refractor. What more can you ask for for 10.00. Topps is like the Ramones, and U.D is definitely the Bee Gees this year. Any how pictured are the following inserts and 1 hit I pulled. All cards are for trade. Ahh and now Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

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