Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Waiting for the Don the mailman.

The one thing about trading cards online that I really hate is the waiting game. There is nothing worse then getting off work, and coming home to an empty mailbox.  Some traders wait several days to ship out while others do it right away. Me honestly well... it depends. Sometimes I ship out the next day while other times I wait for my inner self to tell me ( Man you better get off your lazy ass and ship these cards out) and then they are finally shipped.  Well today as I sit here typing this blog I find myself once again Waiting for the mailman. While I was surfing the web last week I caught A wave over to Topps.com. I have so many fucking redemptions going on I was hoping to see if any had shipped out. To my surprise there was. That rookie redemption #4 of Fuckadome that I pulled what seems like a year  ago right smack in the middle of that whole fuckadome craze had finally shipped. Whoopididi doo. So here I sit waiting for Don the Mailman  (who sees so many small packages go in and out of my mailbox he must think im a drug dealer ) A Fuckadome #4 red hot rookie redemption, and a 2006 Roy Halladay auto I traded for 2 weeks ago. Well I guess things could be worse......... Damn an empty mailbox.

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