Monday, March 30, 2009

Thye Mojo Hand Jersey Boycott Begins Today!

The days of pulling a G.U of star, and actually giving a shit has officially came to an end for me. I was cruising  good old Wally World when I came across the card isle, and spotted this lonely box of 09 U.D retail. Im not sure  if its the LOOK FOR AUTOGRAPHED KEN GRIFFEY J.R CARDS that keeps suckering me into buying this shit, or the fact that if all else fails you get a bullshit jersey card you can offload for a refractor of some sort. There was A time when pulling a Jeter game used had meaning now its just another card in the overproduced world of  jersey cards. For the sake of collectors worldwide, and my own sanity this will be the last product I purchase that involves jersey cards. Trade anyone?


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