Monday, March 30, 2009

The Second Coming

This weeks spotlight focuses on three of Oakland's top pitching prospects Vin Mazzaro, Brett Anderson, and Trevor Cahill. The three have been hailed as the next big three, little three, MAC, or as I like to call them the second coming. Mazzaro with the most experience of the three ( AAA Sactown) looked  sharp his first couple of outings, but was sent packing last week  due to control issues. The former third rounder, and 2008 MILBY double A pitcher of the year should return by mid season armed with A  93-95  heater, and a Zito like change up. Keep an eye out for this N.J native as he possesses all the tools to be a very dominate pitcher. His 08 Bowman Chrome Draft is going anywhere from 1.00 to 150.00 depending on what color you like, and you can pick up his 08 sterling autograph for around 6-8 bucks. Trevor Cahill the second rounder who turned down an academic scholarship at Dartmouth to play for the A's may break the 40 man sooner then most predicted. Armed with a filthy slider the former Olympian and two time organizational pitcher of the year was 6-1 in double A where he whiffed a 136 batters in 124 innings. His spring has been mediocre to say the least ( 2-1 12 k's 4.89 ERA), but with A key injury to The Duke, and a group of unproven youngsters he may just crack the squad. Of the three youngsters Cahills cards are the most expensive, and popular on the market. You can get his 07 Bowman Chrome auto for 20.00-500.00 depending on your color preference, but if your looking for something more affordable his 07 Bowman Heritage runs around 2 bucks. Brett Anderson may be the best deal of the three. The former Olympian who was ranked #7 by Baseball America has looked fantastic this spring ( 1-1 2.25  ERA) , and has shown the most maturity of the three. The son of Oklahoma head coach Frank Anderson  Brett was acquired in the Dan Haren deal, and has been turning heads ever since. Its rare you see a pitcher at this age have so  much control of the strike zone. He works very quickly, and although he doesn't posses an overpowering fastball he manages his pitches in a maddox type way. According to inside sources not only will Anderson start the season on the 40 man he may be pushed into the third spot. Im excited to see this kid play, however with little time above AA I hope the A's are making the right decision in rushing him. You can get his 07 Bowman Chrome anywhere from 1.00 to 350.00 depending on your color preference, and his 07 Donruss Elite EE autographed parallel can run you  25.00 125.00 depending on the type of numbered parallel. 



  1. Good stuff! I'm a huge A's fan, so this is a fun article for me, plus I just picked up Cahill in my fantasy league (he's been named their 5th starter, I believe). Go A's!

  2. Thanks J.S.B. We got to do some trading here soon. Really looking forward to it.