Monday, March 30, 2009

Stan The Man!!

Today at 9:55 PM after weeks of negotiations I traded my 08 Griffey Sweet Spot bat barrel auto for this 05 Stan The Man Sweet Spot Auto. I have always wanted a Musial auto and thanks to my good friend ( Flipper Phill) it finally happened. I love the look of this card. The gold border looks awesome, and the auto speaks for itself. Upper Deck really did a great job overall with the classic in 05 - 06, but unfortunately has been a huge disappointment since. The 07 product was full of faded garbage, and the 08 hasn't really been turning any heads. Hopefully U.D will get there shit together, and go back to what works for them MAKING QUALITY CARDS! Thanks flip!!

G           AB            H        2B     3B      HR     R            RBI          AVG     
3026   10,972    3,630    725    175     475    1,949     1,951         331       

The Mojo Hand


  1. your blog is good good good......

  2. If you're looking for another Stan auto - pretty damn sweet one, too - check out my auction. I didn't know you wanted one or I'd have offered it in trade, but it's still at under $30!

  3. J.S.B
    I may have to break my ebay boycott for it.

  4. Wow, nice looking Musial card.