Friday, March 27, 2009

Lucky # 10

I woke up to some great news today. It seems like Redemption # 10 of the W.B.C Redemption Collection is no other then Dice K.  I really got lucky, and pulled 2 of the better cards out of this redemption.  Hopefully my luck will continue on to my 1/1 sketch redemption, and my 08 Timeline cut signature. As usual all cards are for trade. I was really happy to see Japan win this whole thing. Its obvious they take great pride in their country, and sport. Its unfortunate our guys were to busy getting boo boo's and pretending they actually gave a shit. In my opinion we should use the W.B.C as a platform to showcase our Minor League talent. This would give fans a chance to see future M.L.B talent, and give a much needed shot in the arm to a basically boring U.S.A team. Who needs a bunch of overpaid superstars, and paranoid G.M's anyhow.



  1. Hey MH,

    I'd be very interested in the sketch and the cut - two "types" of cards that I don't have any of.

    Let me know who you get, and what you're looking for!

    - JSB
    Cardaholics Anonymous

  2. Im looking for A Lincecum 07 Chrome Auto. One card I dont have of his.