Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The SPX 100.00 Junk Box

My good friend Flipper showed up tonight with a box of 09 SPX, and with a flip of a fifty I officially ended my jersey boycott.  Lets just say I am not really  impressed with the look of the base cards or the fact that all six hits were of sloppy joes, and cheezmoes. About the only thing good that came out of this box was the chubby Billy Butler buyback ( Trade Anyone) the base of tiny tim, and  a card  that features Joe D  trapped in a futuristic time corridor. If your looking for a stack of 3.00 Jersey cards, Upper Deck X foil, four Joe D paralleled cards, and an auto of a 12-15 pitcher 2009 SPX is the right choice. If its alright with you guys I would like to start my boycott over again.


1 comment:

  1. Breaking boxes rarely pays off anymore. I'm with you dude.