Saturday, January 2, 2010

Round #2

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First of all I would like to say thanks to everyone that participated yesterday. Everyone gave a respectable answer, and one that is definitely worthy of advancing to the second round.

Yeah that's right!!


Anyhow what would The Mojo Hand be without an ante that everyone could participate in. After all we are a community right. Those of you familiar with the blog know how much I enjoy raising the bar a little so with no further ado may I introduce to you...


Two very solid cards. A Kendry Morales on card gem paired with a Cobi Elite auto ( for all you soccer/football fans) Kendry is a savage who blasted 34 HR and batted over 300 in his first full season. Cobi was just selected as part of Soccer Americas All Decade Team.


We are going to take it back..

Way back....

To the very beginning of the Hand. I have contacted Mario from Wax Heaven, and I am waiting to hear back from him. I will give him the answer to hold, and then hopefully ( if he has a little time from his single life) he can make a quick guest appearance, and drop the answer in the comment box.



If by any means more then one person chooses the right cards we will go to Random Org, and ante up
If you dont answer I will send you a random relic as compensation.
If no one chooses the right cards...

We go to Random Org.

There will be a winner!!!


There are FOUR CARDS pictured on this blog THAT I DON'T OWN!!!! Contests that I advertised for other blogs are EXCLUDED!!! If I owned it at one point, and traded/ gave it away ( probably gave it away) it still counts as a card I owned. The Kerry Strug Autographed card is also excluded ( I was helping a fellow collector). Also all sketch cards are excluded.




May The Mojonic Force Be With You!!




  1. Darnit I was wrong I forgot about the WBC cards. It should be:

    1: Bowman Nick Adenhart RC
    2: 2002 Topps Heritage Griffey
    3: 2009 Triple Threads Pujols Auto Triple Relic /9
    4: Sweet Spot Pujols

    Hopefully you understand before you confirmed the last one so I could get a chance. Thanks, Drew

  2. Ok Mojo, here is my guess.

    I feel pretty good about having all 4 of them. The only problem is, I have 5possibilities, and I know one of them must be wrong.

    The first 2 are the Pujols autos that you mentioned belong to Flipper, the TTT patch auto, and the Sweet Spot auto. They can be found here:

    Then, I have the Nick Adenhart Bowman rookie posted here: It's a scan, but you didn't have a scanner then.

    The last card is the '06 SP Authentic Griffey BTL auto. You definitely had a scanner at this point, but for some reason the Griffey is a photo, and not a scan. Very fishy indeed. I also matched the serial #'s up to a card on someone else's photobucket, so you're totally busted on that one.

    That's the 4 I feel most confident about, and here is where the uncertainty comes in to play. There is one card you posted twice, once before you owned it, and once after it had come into your possession. That would the the Justin Duchscherer Team USA auto posted originally here:

    You posted it again on your Dinged Corners on-card autos post, and the serial #'s match up. Technically, you did post this when it wasn't yours, so I'm not sure if that counts.

    If I got the first 4 right, please use them as my guess. I am not sure if the Duke auto counts, since you posted it before and after you owned it.

    I can smell that Griffey now...

  3. Ok here we go....I read the blog three time dude.... But i hope i did good. The Nick Adenhart bowman card, Albert Pujols TripleThreads, Albert Pujols SweetSpot, and The Ken Griffrey Jr, Card posted on Oct.6. i was looking at the back around of all the card cause its usally on your desk, on a rug or on a wood table... so i saw these didn't have backrounds... Even tho the A.B. cards didn't have backround either but knowing you and that your an A"s fan i knew your would have those in your collection... Sorry i'm rambling ... just nerves... Thanks!

  4. I'm gonna go with the autographed Johnny Lattner you're showing off for the Condition Poor contest

  5. Dont be a reTodd

    Just joking Happy New Year!

  6. by the way, love the soccer card, im a pretty big fan of soccer, also womens soccer, my girlfriend got me into it, and If you ever have any cards of womens soccer, Ill definitly trade you for them! Cobi is a great player, but I like team germany better! Theres the biggest soccer rant you"ll ever hear from a baseball card blogger!

  7. I don't think that I've got the correct four, but I've gone through all of the posts twice and am at a loss so here goes:

    2006 SP Authentic Ken Griffey Jr By The Letter

    2006 Bowman Nick Adenhart

    2001 Bowman Chrome autograph Albert Pujols

    2003 Sweet Spot autograph Albert Pujols

  8. yeah.....I don't read so well some days.... CRAP!

  9. You've got to give me time, bro. I still work for a living.

    OK, I'm stumped because back on Nov. 6 or so, you said there was one card on the blog that you didn't have. Now it's up to 4, but I can't find a card after Nov. 6 that doesn't appear to be one you don't own.

    So, here's the guessing: 1. Griffey Jr. 2002 Heritage card; 2. Lincicum 2006 SP Authentic By the Letter; 3. Griffey Jr. 2007 SP Authentic By the Letter; 4. Nick Adenhart Bowman card

  10. I'm going to say the two Pujols cards and the Ichiro card from your 8-30-09 post about Flipper Phil and the Ken Griffey Jr. SP By the Letter auto from your comparisons.