Saturday, December 19, 2009

Topps Unique

Topps Unique may be the scam of the year. Actually I take that back, because that would be a compliment. Topps Unique is a combination of every failure Topps has released over the decade rolled into one solid turd blunt.

Weather its the solid black base that takes the definition of damaged to a whole new level, or Jumbo Coco Relics that crush your soul. Topps Unique was Twenty Four of the most painful packs I have ever ripped, and to be honest with you left me wondering why I even bother collecting anymore.

Chippy Marakaki.
Over half of my box contained cards in this condition.


Has Topps not learned its lesson from the nightmare that was 2007 Topps Series One + Two. Black bordered cards don't work PERIOD, and to be quite honest Topps Unique puts both series to shame. I guess Topps hasn't figured out that unless the stock is chrome technology black bordered cards damage easily, and are a collectors nightmare.

This also goes for the horrendous solid red parallels that come one a pack. As for the base they come in three variations rookie, red, and gold. The rookies are numbered to 2699, Red 1169, Unknown 99, and gold to 25. I pulled way to many of them, and this was yet another over paralleled product by Topps.

Oh Brother! Both numbered to 1169, and surprisingly undamaged.

Two Golds both numbered to 25. Chipped Beckham rookie 69/2699.

After the torture had finally ended only sixty four out of hundred and sixty eight cards were respectable, or should I say collectible. The other half were either badly chipped or showed extreme white on the corners.

So in other words over 50% of my box was damaged. Now granted this may have been my particular box, however, the chances of any black bordered card coming out of a pack unblemished is a coin toss. The whole down part of this is you can only submit 25 cards at a time for replacement. You can only imagine where I'm going with this.

If you can overlook the chippiness the design itself is not that bad. I just happen to be one of those anal collectors who stare at edges, and corners for far to long.

Rollins Unique Uni


If there is a plus to Topps Unique its the Unique Uni inserts. They showcase a star player in a throwback uni, and were actually a few of the cards undamaged. Topps should do more cards like this, and instead of adding a random relic like usual add an actual throwback uniform. Other then that The Alone At The Top, and Unparalleled Performances can be easily overlooked, and are nothing exciting , or fresh by any means.


This is were things get really bad. Two packs into my box I was totally stoked to see a very thick card inserted inside, and for a split second thought I had a big fish on the line. Upon reeling the card up I was ready to scream when I found Che Hsaun Lin on the hook. If not for my wife driving the vehicle I would have pulled over, and thrown this card into Lake Erie where it belongs.

There's only one thing worse then pulling a Coco Relic, and that's pulling a Jumbo Coco Relic. At only two inserted per case I cant begin to imagine what Topps was thinking when they added Che to the checklist. I also pulled a Josh Hamilton solid blue relic, and as far as my auto goes It was promised to be in the box, but I have yet to find it. In other words I never got one.

Jumbo Coco Relic 39/40
Where's The Beef?

Josh Hamilton doing the bird 147/275

$120.00 later, and I'm still speechless.

Rating 1/5 Fingers.

Front runner for "Flop Of The Year" Edging out Ticket To Retardom by a mile.

The Mojo Hand


  1. Holy god. I'm so glad I went and bought a bunch of blasters instead of a box of this. This is just terrible. I think now that Topps knows they have nothing to compete with, they've stopped trying... Those would be bad hits for a 40 dollar box, and the damaged base is inexcusable for ANY set, especially one of the high-end ones. Man. I really feel bad for you spendin 120 bucks for total garbage. However if your looking to trade off that giant blue kleenex card, I would be interested, simply because.. well I don't own a jumbo relic. Let me know

  2. You're so right about the black borders. I bought tons of 2007 Topps for some reason. Not only is the dark design ugly but it shows every nick and ding. Also, that "hit" is god awful. I'd rather have a relic card of some bench player that I have at least heard of.

  3. A good friend owns a real popular shop back home, and he literally had to take them off the shelves. He had a long time customer threaten to never step foot in his shop until he did so. The overall quality of this release is poor. Swag everything is for trade at The Mojo Hand. Il even throw the blog in if the cards right.

    Email me


  4. Its low end in a high end costume.

  5. I bought 2 packs at a card show recently. Almost all of mine were dinged up too. Stupid orange cards too. Uniquely S-ey.

  6. One major failure of Topps is that they do not look at feedback on their product. They continue to dump tiny swatches and dime size jerseys into products like collectors are after that? IF they are trying to tune their product to new and younger collectors then why sell these things at $120...My store sells these at $159 per box...

  7. Anonymous.

    159.00 a box? Are you in Canada, because that is crazy. How many have you sold at that price ( if you don't mind me asking).


  8. this product doesent look too good, but you definitly have a point about the black borders, all of my new pelfreys are damaged in some way or another.

  9. Holy crap that's the worst looking jumbo patch I've ever seen.

    The hype machine was working overtime pre-release on this product too. I typically break stride and get at least one box of A&G a year outside of basketball. I nearly got some of this just to see how it was based on some of the stuff that was said about this stuff.

    I'm so glad I didn't. So sorry.

  10. G Moses.

    Im glad you stopped by, because I have been looking for a basketballer to trade with. Drop me an Email if you want to.


  11. LOL Wow you bought that crap! Ouch I'm not the Topps pres. and I even want to refund your money. If you go the Topps web site and watch the rip party which also happens at my local card shop and also which I was invited to attend for store cost for a box. ($96) I declined the chance to rip one. I later watch video and just a the guys that did buy into case they had to rip. The guy Alan Narz owns my local card shop, which by way has awful prices on cards and also does not sell their own singles. They allow people like me rent a shelf monthly for $25 and sell. An idea I think other shops should look into. Sorry about the craptacular rip dude. I on the other hand got an Entomology card in my latest t206 box with a redemption G. Beckham auto. The Mojo force has been with me in my luck lately! Know anybody that would want to do a 4way spilt on a case 09 elite?