Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Recent Additions

A quick look at a few recent additions...


I went back to Wally World last week for more Leaf Certified retail, and three packs later pulled this Jeremy Shockey Relic.

Red Hot Rookie #9

I redeemed this so long ago I forgot it was even coming.

Ryan Braun

Yes! that is Ryan Braun, and Yes! he is smiling. One of the better autographs from this years t206, and pulling it was Brauntastic!


The Backs of the Cycle mini's look, and feel very vintage.


William Forsythe! holy sweet mother Mary! I guess this one went undetected by the pack searches at Wally World. Its a good thing, because Forsythe probably would have jumped out of the pack, and bitch slapped em.


These two jewels along with several other cards were sent by Mario from Wax heaven. Thanks Mario, and I hope life is treating you better. Please do us all a favor, and bring back Wax heaven.


Last, but not least this fine Zook auto from Big D. I got something coming your way bro so keep your eyes peeled.

The Mojo Hand


  1. That ryan braun card is a thing of beauty

  2. Wow, a real, live Ryan Braun framed auto. Wonder why he signed these already, but not the ones for Ginter?