Saturday, December 5, 2009

Product Review "Gridiron Gear"

Hola Fellow Collectors!

Time for yet another non sponsored, out of pocket, and always unbiased product review here at The Mojo Hand. So without further ado lets take a look at 2009 Gridiron Gear.

The Box:

I dropped $85.00 on this box, and it was purchased at my new heaven Highland Hobby. The eighteen pack box contains five cards per pack with a total of three hits per box, however, according to the owner Fred there are hot boxes floating around containing a whopping six hits ( I wasn't that lucky).

The Base:

For a brand that is known for its hits the base isn't that shabby, and to me is actually quite collectible. The design is nice, and the photography is pretty damn good. The cards have a nice sturdy feel to them, and the high gloss shine cannot be denied.

Eddie Williams SIlver X 7/250 Brian Orakpo Silver O 2/250
T.O Gold X 3/100

The rookie, and pro base comes in four paralleled versions: Regular versions numbered to 999, Silver X's numbered to 250, Gold X's numbered to 100, and Platinum X's numbered to 25. I somehow managed to pull a total of eleven versions out of this box, and could honestly care less. I still don't quite understand the theory behind adding so many freakin parallels to a product.

Coles Player Timeline 61/100 : Wallace Next Generation Gold 7/100 : Barden Bronze

If there is a plus side to all this parallel madness it would have to be the Performers, Timeline, and Next Generation insert cards. All three are very nicely done, and showcase some of today's top young talent. The player timeline which showcases a player with his past, and present team is definitely something card companies should consider doing more of in the future, but with more statistical detail. They come in several paralleled versions as well, but are a little easier to identify, and deal with then the regular base versions.

The Hits:

This is where things get a little dicey. I have witnessed a few Rookie Gridiron Gems come out of this product, and they have to be the worst jersey cut signatures I have ever witnessed as a collector. Its amazing how companies still cant find a way to make the frame of the cut large enough to expose the whole signature. As for the other inserts like the Plates & Patches, NFL teams, and Jumbo Prime Patches from what I have witnessed look pretty solid.

Enough of what you can pull lets take a look at what I pulled:

Steve Largent Player Timeline 3/10
Dual Colored Tulsa/ Signature

"Damaged" Javon Ringer Dual Performer
Prime 2/50

Mike Thomas Performer 1/100

I couldn't believe my eyes when I pulled the Largent. I knew the checklist had some pretty solid names, but the Largent really caught me off guard. The card itself is pretty awesome, and the two colored Tulsa jersey is about as good as it gets. Although the auto is on a sticker it blends in well with the rest of the card, and is very nicely signed. The old school guys take a lot pride in their ink even if its on a sticker, and this card is yet another example of that.

The Javon ringer card had to be the most disappointing part of the box. The upper right corner was badly damaged, and what should have been a prime patch was nothing more then a regular white jersey. This is going back to Panini, and I hope they can replace it, because Javon is going to be a solid back in the future.

I was hoping to pull another auto, but on the final pack pulled the Mike Thomas Gold instead. It was a bit disappointing to pull the same style jersey card back to back, but at least it was a solid rookie, and not some Upper Deck "Black" dupe.

Overall I had a great time ripping this hobby box, and although I fell a little short on the final few pack's I didn't feel cheated at all. The autograph checklist is very solid, and there are some beautiful patches of Hall Of Famers to be had. Like any other product It has its share of nonsense like, Combine worn patches, and sticker auto's, but if you can weed past the cheese there may be gold on the other side.

Rating 3/5 Fingers

The Mojo Hand