Sunday, December 27, 2009

Just One More Blaster!

I promise this is my last Heritage post.

I picked this blaster up at Target yesterday, and it was loaded with chrome. As a matter of fact the first five packs I ripped had chrome inside.

On a side note to everyone I offered cards to ( and a check), or any trades I will be making one big trip to the P.O tomorrow. Also if anyone wants to trade in the future please email me instead of posting in the comment box, or do both. If for some reason I offered you cards, and you never received them please email me, and remind me. I have a lot going on right now.

Here we go!

Derosa Cruzin Da Street. Short Prints.

Soriano, Baley, Holliday

If anyone has the Holliday refractor I would love to trade for it. That would give me the complete rainbow.

Milledge/ Milledge Refractor.

That sums it up. I hope everyone had a great Xmas, and cheers to a happy new year!



  1. I have the Holliday refractor!

  2. Cool!

    What do you want for it!

  3. I... I have no idea. Got any Cubs?

  4. B.H.E
    Why dont you email me, and we can take it from there.

  5. I loved Topps Heritage. Makes me wish I still collected baseball. Well done if you get that Holliday taken care of.

  6. Topps Heritage is just plain classy.