Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Heritage!

Thanks to a turkey driven holiday power nap I'm up, and its 3:43 AM.

I decided to go with another box of Heritage from Waldo-World Thursday night, and hope for the best odds. People tend to lose their minds this time of year making Waldo World a very dangerous place to dwell. Its also a place where the word excuse me doesn't exist, and "don't let me have slap you with my Mojo Hand" is something I have to seriously avoid blurting out.

Upon arrival I noticed that someone had pillaged the rack, and ripped through a majority of boxes? This is not unusual, and I have had to educate several kids, adults, packsearchers that the blasters are sold separate from the single packs, but then again that's another whole story in itself.

Somehow by the luck of god there was one untouched blaster of Heritage waiting for purchase, and I kindly made my way through the self check out line with it. If not for the stupid sensor going off at the door I would have made it in and out, but then again whats a trip to Waldoville without a quick chat with the 99 year old lady at the exit. I just cringe as she slowly searches for the sensor with her wand, and painfully enters the bar code in the security log.

Enough chatting on with the cards......

Jason Bay/ Aaron Hill
Short Prints

Triple Chrome:
Andrew, Elvis, and Jack


All cards are for trade....



  1. McCutchen up for trade??

  2. What would you take for the Bay card??

  3. Email me we can work something out.

  4. McCutchen bribed away by my nephew. Sorry Wicked.

    Did you get your mailer?