Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Negative Collector

You are a negative collector if........

You hate everything you pull unless it serves you personally, or financially.

Your collection is made up of everything you like, and therefore is really small.

The words suck, hate, and crap are a few of the common words you use to describe every release you see.

You once bought a pack of Upper Deck X just to piss yourself off, and then complained about it.

Everything you hate must be hated by others, or you hate them as well.

You complain so much other collectors wonder why you collect cards at all?

You spend a majority of your day bashing other collectors views, because they are different then yours.

No one takes you seriously, because you hate everything.

You are a player collector, and therfore a hypocrite, because you have to collect a release you previously complained about.

You re an expert in a hobby where no two collections are the same.

Beware of The Negative Collector!!!

The Mojo Hand


  1. Ha - there sure are a lot of those out there! I never understand it, either. Why waste so much energy rallying against something? If you don't like it, don't buy it - simple as that.

  2. great points! I always didnt get the people who complain so much, i mean, why do you still buy it then?

  3. Happy Thanksgiving dude!!

  4. I got a Cat Osterman Donruss sports legends mirror blue ser#d/100. Need it? Also not sure if you like just Markakis or all of Baltimore sports but I also got a Ray Rice Leaf rookie jumbo swatch ser#d/50. It takes up most of the card. If you can't use it let Beardy know maybe he would like. I'd tell him but I can't figure out how to leave him a message on his blog.