Thursday, October 29, 2009

Single Pack Blues

I hate to admit it, but I took the spare change I had left over from last nights Mc Donalds run, and bought a single pack of 2009 Bowman Chrome from Wally World with it. It had been a whole week since I ripped anything, and The Mojo Hand was a bitchin for some rippin.

After returning to my whip I munched on a few fries, and ripped open my fresh pack of Bowman Chrome. To my surprise I was greeted by no other then Chih- Kang Kao. Whats with the super close ups on these WBC cards? To say Mr Kao is handsome is an understatement, but a photo of him standing further away, at the plate, or sliding into second would better serve this cards purpose.

As I approached the end of the pack something blue, and shiny caught my eye. In the past pulling a blue refractor out of any type of chrome product was a rarity, but over the past few years Topps switched the formula, and watered them down. A majority of them are now unnumbered, and as common as a regular insert. I was anxious to see if this was the case with years Bowman Chrome.

After checking out Brock Huntzingers incredible minor league stats I munched on a few of my cold fries, and drove off with card #13/150 tucked safely away in my shirt pocket.

The Mojo Hand

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