Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Prospecting 101

Player: Clint Everts

Age: 25

Team: Expos/ Nationals

Round: 1st Round 5th overall.

Drafted Ahead Of: Prince Fielder, Scott Kazmir, Nick Swisher, Matt Cain and Cole Hamels.

Player Info: Power pitcher with high K potential. Noted for having one of the best curve balls in the draft. Very talented, and future dominate closer. Had TJ surgery his first pro season, and slipped into limbo land. Has fully recovered with no loss to velocity, and pitching very well. Will reach the Majors by the start of next season.

Why Should I?: His R.C on card autographs are very affordable, and some have sold for as little as $3.00 on the open market.

The Mojo Hand


  1. Hey, I thought you didn't do ebay... Am I the only purist left who doesn't use that devil site?

  2. C.T
    I honestly can say that I don't have an Ebay account. I was using Ebay to give an example of how cheap his cards are selling for.

  3. I've been following Clint for fantasy baseball purposes. Your assessment is spot on.

    As for eBay, I wish I could say the same. I was just lamenting that very topic today.

    Both the Everts cards you're displaying are very nice looking. Part of your collection?

  4. Thank You Sharpe, and yes they are.

  5. nice segment! Thse type of articles are always good, because i can get his auto now for 5 bukcs rather than paying 50 next year!

  6. Although I had hoped I could do the same thing with Alex Gordon this fall, but my most recent attempt at a cool Black (I believe UD card) with a team USA patch on it went for over $15.

    I'd love to get my hands on a Gordon auto for less than $10 but it seems like there are more people who are believers than I thought or had hoped.

  7. After reading your blog on this guy and me being a fellow rookie hunter I picked up 3 of his autos on the low $2 for 2002 Upper Deck Prospect Premieres. Book value $10. That Blue Chup card is next after some haggling. LOL

  8. Rob,

    You really cant lose. If he comes out dealing LOOK OUT! On card R.C's are very collectable.

  9. Next sleeper could be Nick Hagadone but shhhhh I'm snaging his cards.

  10. Good one.

    He had T.J as well. Similar type prospect.