Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yet Another Story!

To me this hobby is like no other. Lets just say the file cabinet where I store my cards is like a book, and almost every card inside is connected to a story. As you all know by now I don't Ebay, and very rarely trade. I don't collect any specific player ( the kitty is an exception), and rip all ends high or low.

Why don't I Ebay? I tried it once, and ended up with a $600.00 Ted Williams doctored autograph. The real reason I don't Ebay is there is no story, or personal connection behind the card, therefore it is useless to me.

As far as trading goes It's a great way to meet friends. Some of the best stories come from friendships. If it wasn't for a trade I never would have met The Flipper, and his magical Albert Pujols collection.

Imagine making a trade online, and finding out that person lives less then 10 miles from you. Then you finally get a chance to meet him, and he turns out to be the kindest most generous person you could ever imagine.

Thanks to Flipper who has collected cards faithfully for over 45 years I have lost all sense of card value. To walk inside "The Room That King Albert Built" is quite an experience, and can be mind boggling as well.

Its hard to imagine that every card in this room from the 2001 Bowman Chrome auto to the 2003 Sweet Spot was either pulled or traded. The stories behind the cards are some of the greatest ever told, and I cant imagine what collecting would be like without them.

So many cards so many stories.

It seems like yesterday when I caused my wife to rear end another car after puling the infamous Ichiro Suzuki 04 Vintage Cut Signature on the way home from Wally World. She tells a funny story to friends how all she heard was me scream EEECHEEE, and then bam. If you know me personally you cant help but laugh at the story, because you know how much I love this hobby.

Laugh at the title of this blog. That is what its there for. If a good story comes out of it even better.

On the other side of life The Band has A big gig tonight at Crazy Jake's in Buffalo. We are doing a big benefit for a friend with cancer. I will post pictures tomorrow.

The Mojo Hand


  1. good luck at the gig tonight rock there socks off!