Sunday, August 23, 2009

Press Pass Legends

I'm still getting my feet wet when it comes to football cards. I just recently started collecting them again so bear with me on this one, and educate me as well if you like.

I decided to spice things up a bit and snatched a box of 2009 Press Box Legends off the old temple shelf. As a collector I feel drawn to products that feature both old, and new players for two reasons. Reason number one It gives me the opportunity to learn a little bit more about the new rookie class, and reason number two I get to re-live the Legends that I grew up collecting as a kid.

Press Pass Legends is just that. For $29.97 plus tax you get three packs of cards loaded with today's top rookies, and a few legends that helped blaze the trail they run on today. You are also guaranteed one hard signed autograph, or relic per blaster, and one sequentially numbered card per pack. The parallels come in the usual assortment of flavors ranging anywhere from a platinum 1/1 to a bronze #/899.

The design on this 100 card base set is eloquently done, and the fancy border matches the parallel color making the card easy to identify as a short print. I was fortunate enough pull the two top quarterbacks in the draft in a Mark Sanchez silver parallel R.C 56/299, and a Stephen Drew bronze 716/899.

The Alumni Association cards are also nice as they pair up either two legends from the same alumni, or a rookie with a legend which makes for a great card. I had no problem dropping the extra ten spot on this retail blaster, because I knew the hard signed autograph may be lurking inside, and to my surprise I pulled a Graham Harrel on card beauty.

Although he may have gone undrafted I wouldn't be surprised if Graham Harrel lit up the C.F.L, and made the leap to the N.F.L in a couple of years. He is just to good of a quarterback, and I could care less if he ran the spread offense. As far as the hard signed autographs go they are nicely done, and also come in various paralleled versions.

Overall I had a blast ripping through this blaster, and found the excitement of pulling a hard signed autograph worth every penny. It may be a little pricey for retail, but very enjoyable to rip, and I would definitely recommend it to either a low end or high end collector.

Interested? Email me.

Rating: 4/5 Fingers

The Mojo Hand


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