Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wieters Arrives!

My redemption of Matt Wieters arrived today straight from the hand of the evil Elane ( my god she has returned). The one good thing about a redemption is you have a good chance of getting a real minty fresh card, and in return that is exactly what I received.

I like the clear sticker Upper Deck slapped on this years SPX redemptions. Not having a hologram lingering in the background of the sticker gives it an on card look. The autograph itself is very clean, and decently centered as well.

Overall it is a very nice card, and should grade extremely well. I am open for trade offers if anyone is interested in one.


The Mojo Hand


  1. I love this card. I have been a huge O's fan since the Orioles drafted him, and watched him both at Frederick and Bowie last year and now in B-more this season. I would totally be up for a trade. What do you collect that I might be able to get you in return?