Friday, July 17, 2009

S.P Game Bat Winner Announced!

Ten O Clock has come and went here at The Mojo Hand, and unfortunately nobody has counted the correct amount of cards, however, there is a winner.

The total amount of cards pictured is 141.

There is a total of 96 cards in the Goudey stack to the left of the hand. The stack comes from the post entitled The Goudey Giveaway Part Two. There is 12 cards per pack+ 8 packs for a total of 96 cards.

The stack of Donruss Legends cards comes from the post entitled Donruss Sports Legends. There is a total of 5 cards per pack + 10 packs for a total of 50 cards. Minus the 8 hits shown on the post for a total of 42 cards.

If you add the three extra hits in the picture you would have a total of 141 cards.

96 + 42 + 3 = 141

Also the number 141 was shown in my profile box.

The closest count was patsearcher at 137 cards.

Congratulations bro! Please email me with your address so I can ship out your card Monday. You also qualified for the second slot in The Mother Of All Contests were the winner has a chance to pick any card pictured on this blog.

Thanks for participating.

The Mojo Hand

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