Sunday, July 19, 2009

Topps Series Two

I'm a little tardy on this one, but better late then never. I purchased this box, and a single pack of 07 Upper Deck Black from Terry at Triple Crown Sports Cards in Brockton. I thought Topps did a great job overall, and the flagship is well deserving of the praise it has received from a majority of collectors. The overall design is nice, and the white borders spare the cards of blemishes that came with the dreaded 07 release.

On the downside an overabundance of Topps Town inserts, and some very lazy photography can make things a little annoying, but overall I enjoyed ripping through this thirty six pack hobby box. The Career Best Legends cards look fantastic, and the artwork on the Turkey Red inserts are some of the best released by Topps in years.

I wasn't really that impressed with the Legends of The Game inserts, and in my opinion Army Green just doesn't look good on baseball cards. As for the W.B.C inserts the design is nice, but the lazy play, and overall absence of the U.S team made these cards a little less collectible in my opinion.

You get one autograph, or one relic per box, and I was fortunate enough to pull an auto of Cincinnati's young outfielder Chris Dickerson. Silver foil stickers are becoming more unpopular by the release, and I think Topps needs to finally realize this. Upper Deck did what's taking Topps so long ?

The silver flaked black bordered parallels numbered to 58 are very cool, and I just so happened to pull a Nick Blackburn 1/58. Nick has just been absolutely filthy these days, and lighting it up for the Twinkies.

It felt good to pull an actual good player for a parallel instead of say Boof Bonser. I also pulled the unlucky number 9 as my redemption which is exciting because Matt Wieters has yet to be announced.

Total Score: 3/5 Fingers.

I'm going to keep the base for set completion, but if anyone needs any inserts give me an email.

The Mojo Hand

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