Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Final Chapter

Finally After Two Hundred and Thirteen posts I have decided to pull the plug on the The Hand..

I just cant go on with school coming up, and all the current obstacles life has thrown my way since September.

Trust me It was a lot of work securing the lowest spot on the totem pole, but it gave me a good idea on the state of the hobby, and that my friends is priceless.

I hope everyone enjoyed the blog, and the over $2500.00 worth of free cards I gave away. If the dollar can be created out of thin air then why not cards, and when the dollar is finally useless how will that affect our collections?

Would you still collect?

Only time shall tell.

I hope to keep in touch with the few of you I made friends with, and contribute where I can.

Sometime after the contest ends I will throw up my final post, and bid farewell.

Thank you all for your gracious support.


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