Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Football Is Once Again King

I have to admit I couldn't have picked a better year to get back into collecting football cards. This years crop of rookies has to be the best In years, and all four major card companies are putting out some kick ass cards.

I made a quick stop at Walfredo to pick a few bullshit items, and with nothing more then loose football packs in mind made my usual $15-20 donation to the temple. I picked up five packs of U.D Signature series, and a pack of Topps Mayo.

What great products both of these turned out to be. The quality of both products is good, and a hobby of each is on the horizon for a future review ( possible contest).

MB3 America's Team Random Relic/Everson Walls America's Team Insert

Steve Slaton Single White Relic

Topps Mayo Crabtree

All together it was a pretty good break. I pulled an MB3 Americas team relic which gets my vote for random relic of the year, and a Steve Slaton single white relic. The Crabtree was a plus in the Mayo pack, and to say this years Mayo is freaking sharp would be an understatement. Im not a Cowboys fan by any means so swing me an email if you like what you see.

To Be Cont>>>>+


The Mojo Hand


  1. I haven't seen any Mayo around here...but I'm sure it's on the next truck.

  2. Yeah dude, Mayo does look good this year. I like Finest as well.