Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Finest

Its truly unfortunate that Topps will no longer be producing licensed football cards next year. When it comes to excellent photography, brilliant design, and chrome technology no one does it better then Topps. I'm not quite sure who made the decision to give Topps the boot, but its safe to say that they obviously don't collect football cards.

I stopped by Highland Hobby a couple of days ago, and picked up a mini box of 2009 Topps Finest. The original plan was to pick up a few loose packs, but the picture of Mark Sanchez on a mini box of Topps Finest would have no part of it. " Buy me instead ," said Mr Sanchez " I am shiny, and everything you love in a football card" Yes you are! I replied, and your only forty bucks too.

Luckily no one was around when this discussion took place, and the owner is a little hard of hearing, or people may have thought I was nuts. Highland Hobby is a wonderful card shop, and I would love to do a story on sometime in the future. Its as old school as it gets, and the owner is a work of art to say the least. To make a long story short I payed for my talking box of Finest, and ripped it right there on the counter.

One cant help but admire the awesomeness that is Topps Finest Football. To say this years release is sharp would be an understatement. The photography is incredible, and the design which features the fifty yard line is excellent. The refractor technology only adds to the brilliant design, and the shine ohh man the shine is unbelievable. The overall quality is through the roof, and value wise you cant loose.

With no further ado lets check the hits!

Matt Ryan Red Refractor 2/25
The Red Refractor Is King!

Frank Gore Pigskin Red Refractor 18/25
The pigskin refractors have that old school refractor look to them.
Very cool card.

Hakeem Nicks/ Jarret Dillard/Clinton Portis
All numbered to 429, and ohh so chi-knee.
What great photography.


Glen Coffie Solid White Patch.
Red Refractor 11/15

This is great product to rip, and the last of Topps Finest. I highly recommend it to all types of collectors.

Farewell Topps Finest you will be missed!

Rating 4/5 Fingers

The Mojo Hand


  1. That was a nice box. Red shiny refractors look nice.

  2. I just noticed the number on your Ryan refractor is 2 and matches his jersey number. If I'm to believe the Ebayers that makes it a "sick" 1/1 pull right...I never know when to believe those Ebayers. Sorry if some of my sarcasm drips on your keyboard.

  3. Those Finest NFL cards are nice, and I don't even collect football cards.

    I've never heard of Highland Hobby before. I don't get south of Buffalo too much, so my knowledge of those towns (Derby, Hamburg, Angola, etc.) aren't great. I'll have to check it out!

  4. Derby is a small town, and if you blink you just might miss it.

  5. Yeah man, this year's Finest football looks sick nasty! I really like that Gore refractor.

  6. Congratulations... 3 nice red refractors... especially if you're a Niner fan.

  7. Hi, I got your e-mail about the Ryan refractor. What woiuld you be looking for in return?