Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Extra Mayo Please!

I couldn't help, but pick up a blaster of Topps Mayo on my most recent trip to Waldo, and I must say I was very pleased with what I pulled. This years Mayo is simply awesome, and I may have to make a late night trip to Waldo-ville for a couple more Twomps.

So far the set seems very well thought out the design/ art is classy, inserts are simple, and the stock is top grade stuff. Combine all four ingredients, and you have the making of a nice card. Its not often I complete sets, but I like the look, and feel of this release so much I may have no another choice.

The Hits:

Its been several years since a base card had me drooling.
What a great looking card!

I did good here.

For the record I just ordered a Hobby, and will be back with a full review on Monday. I will hold a contest afterwards, and award all of my doubles.

See ya Monday!

The Mojo Hand

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