Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Card # 290

Those of you that read The Mojo Hand should be aware of my obsession with the very beautiful, and talented Cat Osterman. I have stretched my finances thin to obtain her Allen & Ginter cards, and the words "will trade in your favor" has taken on a world of its own.

I was seriously pissed when I found out that Topps would not be producing the 250 relic cards they had advertised, and instead were replacing them with 250 dirty random relics. The first question I have for Topps is why 250, and not 50. If your not quite sure what your doing, and your going to make up an imaginary number at least make it a low one.

This is freaking unacceptable in so many ways. All Topps had to do was get their hands on one one jersey, and all 250 relics would have been produced. Instead they make you wait 6 months, then send you a manufactured all star patch form a deceased fucking player? Are you tyring to tell me that a sinking card company like Donruss managed to get their hands on a few last year, but the future of licensed baseball cards couldn't?

What the hell is going on here?

To say that Topps redemption process is unreliable, and borderline false advertisement ( for you ebayers) is a huge understatement. Just take a look at the redemption below.

Shipment of this redemption card has been delayed

Redemption Code: SCBKDMHXF8
Code Entered: 11/11/2008
Redeemed Card: Jeff Clement Rookie AU
Stadium Club
Status: Pending

A year later, and I'm still waiting on my Jeff Freakin Clement card! How hard is it to get a semi pro player to sign a damn card. I'm sure Topps could get Jeff to sign 1000 cards if they just asked him kindly, but I guess they need another year to get around to it.
I may never get Jeff Clement, but I'm sure some unknown minor league player with less skills, and equal book value will wind up in my mailbox by New Years.

Words cant express how angry I was yesterday to find out that Topps would not be honoring Cat Ostermans Autographs. Below is a copy of the "Dear John "letter that is mailed to you when your redemption cannot be filled. Why do I call it a Dear John, because these letters make it to your mailbox without any formal announcement on the Official Website.

This letter was sent to fellow pissed off collector Marvin. I had the opportunity to get to know Marvin a little better via email, and he is a vintage collector who after 15 years just recently got back into collecting newer releases. Needless to say after this experience he is officially done with Topps, and is shipping them back every single purchase from this year.

( Click To Enlarge)

This is a perfect example of how unbalanced the Topps redemption policy truly is, and how in the end only Topps benefits from their lack commitment. No disrespect to Kerri Strug, but she is by no means Cat Osterman.

Cat Osterman is a very popular female ball player in her prime, and a very sexy one at that. Kerri Shrug is an Olympic gymnast who last won a gold medal in 1996, and honestly isn't very sexy, or collectible at all. Yes they are both Olympians, but who gives a shit! Take a look at the photos below, and tell me who's autograph you would prefer.

Kerri Strug

Cat Osterman

However this doesn't seem to matter to Topps, because the overall so called book value is equal. Instead of choosing a reputable player themselves they rely on a Beckett Magazine to choose one for you. It makes you wonder doesn't it?

How does Topps benefit from this? Well they have to do something with all of those expired redemption's that poor bastards like myself pull. Honestly Topps needs to either eliminate their redemption policy, or quickly overhaul it, or collectors like myself will have no other choice, but to walk away from licensed baseball cards forever.

I also have a word for Mr Luraschi: Now that Topps is the sole licensed manufacturer of baseball cards It would probably be a good idea to make good on this, because like my Grandfather once told me to replace a mistake with a mistake is the biggest mistake of all.

The Mojo Hand


  1. Couldn't have said it any better myself.

  2. Great post, enjoyed reading it! And I aggree with you, Cat is very good looking!

  3. And to think I was the only one who got a "Dear John" letter, and an autograph of Greg Louganis....I sent Topps a letter today, and in hind sight I should have been much harder on them. I am curious as to just how many cards she signed, since they used her red signature card in their advertising. Good blog, I will continue to follow this one.

  4. Glad I didn't collect this year's AG set. I would be pissed about it big time. I'm waiting on two redemption cards. One of them was expired and they still took it even though its pending.

  5. You have to wonder if Topps lack of fear of the backlash regarding many redemption issues isn't a result of them getting the exclusive licensing rights from MLB. I've only been back in the hobby a few months, but it makes me think I don't want to purchase any 2010 products from anybody. I can always trade for the Rangers stuff I want anyway.

  6. I hear yuh man. I sent in 7 08' Topps Finest redemptions and got 3 back and they have no clue what happened to the others and the only one they do know about is the auto Jed Lowrie which they said he hadn't sign his cards yet. What a jerk I hope they sue him for all of his lousey pay check. Bench rider! This reminds me I need to call them again to harass them.

  7. I have Jed Lowrie autograph card from Tristar even though its sticker. Instead sending the cards to him how about them dropping by at Jed and watch him sign it.

  8. Kerri Strug is so pretty and so is Cat. Nice post by the way.

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