Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Unemployed Collector

Finally that moment to post without constant interruption has arrived......

I cant stress how important this hobby has been to me over the past three weeks. It not only help me keep my sanity, but also helped me deal with my depression.

I recently decided to add the beautiful Jenny Finch to my all female player collection. She didn't come easy, but then again smoking hot blonde's that throw over 100 miles per hours rarely do.

I fell in love with this card the minute I laid my eyes on it, and with no hesitation reached into the vault to obtain it. The card design is fabulous, and the personalized autograph helps separate it from the few others I have seen on Ebay.

Thanks Sparkie!

Jennie Finch 2004 Absoulute Memoribillia
Fans Of The Game

This on card autograph of a Rollie Fingers was donated by a no other then Flipper Phil. I always wanted an autograph of the legendary Athletic hurler, and was overjoyed when Flipper handed it to me. I had the sudden urge to pencil in a mustache, but at the last moment decided against it. The old school players really take a lot of pride in their ink. What a great autograph.

Moustacheless Rollie Fingers Autograph
2009 Goodwin Champions

This Brett Anderson D.K autograph along with several other kick ass cards were sent by El Wicked Uno. There is something a little strange about this card. Brett Anderson is a pitcher, and not a position player. Its definitely his autograph, but I'm not quite sure who the photo is? Its got to be the most interesting cards I have of the future ace, and if I ever pull anything you collect( Hanley, Big Papi, Miggy), or if you see anything you want Its yours.
Thanks Wicked.
Brett Anderson ( or is it?)
Donruss Threads Diamond Kings Autograph

I have become obsessed with Topps Chrome Football to the point of extremism. I not only snatched up all the retail boxes at my local Wally World, but also the ones at Tarjay, and Kmart. I also managed to sneak in a hobby box from Dave & Adams which I must admit fell short in value compared to the retail purchases.

My hobby consisted of a Gartrell Johnson autograph, or his initials or whatever the hell you want to call it, and for some strange reason several R.C refractors only? On the retail side I pulled several regular, blue, copper, and xrfractors of star players including a Troy Palamalu Chicle blue refractor 12/50. Its a no brainer that retail is where its at as far as chrome goes this year don't waste your money on hobby. If you collect chrome hit me up with an email. I may have enough doubles to sponsor your set.

Gartrell Johnson 's Initials.

Hobby R.C Refractors ?

T.P Blue Refractor 12/50

The M.O.A.C will resume as soon as the holidays near, and I also have a few reviews on the way so stay tuned!!

The Mojo Hand


  1. great to hear from you again jay! Awesome rollie fingers card!