Sunday, October 4, 2009

Ticket To Retardom

Every once on a while you rip open new product, and upon viewing the contents inside you cant help but wonder what the %$#@ were they thinking? well Topps Ticket To Stardom is just that.

What just may be the failure of the decade Ticket To Retardom is loaded with wacky overpopulated relic cards, and Ticket stubs that honestly make no sense whatsoever.

Take a close look at the Jon Lester Ticket Stub I recently pulled out of a single $5.00 retail pack from El Waldo. The ticket stub is from an unknown game that was played on an unknown date. The stub highlights a young Ramon Hernandez sticking it to Boston in game 1 of the 2003 ALDS a series that the A's eventually gave away after a 2-0 series lead.

In the bottom left corner of the card is a tiny picture of on Jon Lester. The stub has no game info, or date making it very difficult to find any connection between the two. In 2003 Jon Lester was playing for Single A Augusta so unless he was a September call up ( which he wasn't) there is no way in hell he could have participated in the game highlighted.

What makes things worse is the back of the card. For reasons unknown to humanity Topps paralleled this card, and it is numbered 88/102. To some collectors that may spell short print, but to The Mojo Hand it means that unfortunately there are 101 of these retarded cards floating around somewhere.

The back of the card also states that you have received an authentic ticket stub of Jon Letser. That's strange I thought it was of Ramon Hernandez? It also states several of Jon Lesters game highlights in which neither Ramon, or the A's had any part of.

I tell you sometimes I wonder.

The Mojo hand


  1. and you think youve seen it all....

  2. I saw the title of the post on our blogroll and was crackin up. While I would like to get a Pujols ticket card, it doesn't really matter because it doesn't have any connection to him.

  3. Don't worry, something will come out in 2010 that makes Ticket look inspired.

  4. Jay, get back to me on email. You've been m.i.a

  5. What?! Parallel versions are #ed /102??? But, but... that's only like 8 less than the normal versions. And that ticket stub... wow. I thought my Fred Lewis one was messed up, but at least he played in the game (he drew a walk in his lone at-bat pinch hitting for Omar Vizquel in a 4-1 loss), even though the ticket stub came from Petco Park.

    I'm starting to understand the ticket stub hate, but I still like Ticket to Stardom overall (well, the design & idea at least). And as Brian said, something will eventually come along that will make everyone long for Ticket to Stardom's "cute little quirks", lol.