Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Great Mojo Card Binge Part 2

Welcome to part deuce of the Great Mojo Card Binge.

The binge started Wednesday night at baby mama's world, and continued on to The Hobby Hut In Derby N.Y. Oddly enough it ended where it started.

Thanks in part to a very organic state of mind I wondered over to the electronics isle, and was unable to spend the whole amount on cards. I instead opted for a D.S Light, and a copy of Elite Beat Agents.

For your viewing pleasure I also upgraded the blog a little, and purchased a scanner.

Shall We...

2009 Topps Chrome Baseball

Quantity: One partially damaged retail blaster ( last box).

Damage: $19.99 + Tax

The D.L: Shiny is good, and so are Xfractors. Chrome is also indestructible as the badly damaged box had no effect on the cards.

The Cheese: Why is your grill all up in my W.B.C card man!!

Mojonic Odds: Autographed rookie base card 1:308 packs.

Rating 4/5 Fingers.

Micheal Young Blue Refractor 186/199.
The Blue Refractor is king.

2009 Absolute Memorabilia

Quantity: 1 Hobby box/ 1 Retail box.

Damage: $140.00 + $19.99 + Tax

The DL: Shiny, Oversized, and Affordable for a high end product.

The Cheese: I hated the thought of event worn, but It actually looks real good in hand. Pannini also may want to consider a more visible area for ink next year as some of the autographs tend to blend in with the scenery. WARNING: Retail and hobby are two different animals. Retail is glossy, and hobby is foil.

Mojonic Odds: Hobby: One hit per capsule.
Retail: N/A

Rating 4/5 Fingers

Marques Colston Gridorn Force
Game used white jersey/ autograph 16/50
The most prolific seventh round draft pick ever!
I think the word ROYAL sums it up.

Percy Harvin
Oversized event used swatch/ football 55/99
Back to back #12

Derrick Mason Prime Patch/ Autograph 7/8
This card is outright filthy.

Jason Smith Triple Event Worn/ Used 25/25
The number two overall pick in the draft!

2009 Topps Chrome Football Retail

Quantity: Two retail blasters

Damage: $39.99 + Tax

Mojonioc Odds: When cards are this pretty who cares?

The DL: My vote for product of the year. The copper refractors look amazing.

The Cheese: What cheese? this is Chrome homie!

Ray Lewis Blue Refractor.

Donovan Mcnabb Copper 27/649
A true leader on his throne!

Victor Harris Copper 1/649
According to Ebay this is a True 1/1.

Marques Colston Blue Refractor.
Its safe to say I'm a Marques Magnet.

I also picked up another random hobby box of Allen & Ginter. I had a rough year with Allen & Ginter, and this box was no exception. It yielded two relics I already have, and unless the Fukudome below counted as a hit I was shorted once again.



  1. very organic....hmmmmm... Yup it's all good!!

  2. Its hard to eat a sandwich without bread.

    You know what Im saying Wicked!

    I got my eyeballs looking for Hanley, Miggy, and Or Tease. Its crazy man let me tell you.


  3. You know I'm interested in the Ray Lewis.

    You know it!

  4. Mojo, did you ever get an answer (I just checked the comments) on that Russell 2009 Blue Refractor? Are they supposed to be numbered? I have one or two that isn't and the Young above is numbered. I have a Nelson Cruz WBC Blue Refractor that IS numbered. I'm confused, which isn't unusual. By the way, any way I can pry that Young out of your hands...?

  5. Someday I will have enough money to justify a hobby box of Absolute Memorabilia. It is so awesome & that Fukudome makes me drool (figuratively).

  6. Brian

    Its yours dude! Send me your address.