Thursday, September 24, 2009

Return Of The Gamers

Donruss Sports Legends is turning out to be one of my all time favorite products.


Because its an absolute blast to rip!

A few other reasons.....

The Gamer (Pete Rose) is known to have signed several cards, and have some cool relics lurking inside random packs.

Shoeless Joe Jackson bat relics.

Certified auto's of Joe Montana, The Raging Bull, Adrian Peterson, and several other high profile athletes.

Up to four hits per box sometimes more>>>

Last, but not least a hobby box is very affordable, and the cards are super shiny.

So here's what I pulled...

Pete Rose Mirror Blue Solid White Jersey 6/100.
Holds M.L.B record 4,256 career hits.
Severe gambling addiction led to his lifetime banishment
from Major League Baseball in 1989.
Incredible player, and very sweet card.

Pete Weber Blue Shirt? 66/250
Legendary power stroker, and alcoholic.
At 26 years old he was the youngest bowler in P.G.A history to win the triple crown.
Claims to have won the 89 PGA Championship with double vision.
One of the most entertaining bowlers of all time, and a very nice card on top of it.

Marques Haynes Mirror Red Autograph 208/337.
Hall Of Fame Globetrotter. Rumor has it Haynes could dribble the
ball an astounding six times per second.
Very Sweet autograph.

Bobby " Hooks" Wanzer
Hooks was the first player in N.B.A history to shoot over 90% from the
free throw line in a season.
Elected to The Hall Of Fame in 1987.
Super cool autograph.

Any interest?


The Mojo Hand

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