Friday, September 11, 2009


First of all I would like to thank Ross, Beardy, and Wicked Ortega for hooking me up with race car drivers, ten unopened packs of 06 Donruss Elite Football, a sweet autographed ball of Dan Uggla, a future Kitty, and a really fine Clayton Kershaw autograph.

All three of you have incredible blogs, and I read them weekly. I hope you enjoy the contents of the Bubble Mailers I'm sailing away to the Post Office with, and as usual I spiced all three up with some of Mr. Mojo's Old Time Recipe.

Mr Alejandro I haven't forgot about you either. How could I ?

On with the story.

Last Wednesday I received a phone call from my buddy Flipper Phil about a card shop that he discovered twenty miles away in the small town of Derby. After hearing this incredible news I immediately ran to The Bank Of Old Lady dropped to my knees, and begged her for $$$ to spend.

I know this may sound strange to some, but I actually prefer my wife controlling our income. If not for Carrie I would be ripping packs in the dark, and walking to work in the morning. Neither of the two are much fun to do.

Like everyone else The Mojo Household is in a crunch, and the O.T must be worked if packs are to be ripped. To make a long story short I got a lump sum of cash for wax, but I'm working the next two weekends in a row.

After picking up Flipper we made are way to the exciting new card shop he discovered. On the way I must have threw a hundred questions at him like: Are we there yet? How big is this place? Is it more baseball or football? Whats the owner like? You know typical questions a 15 year old would ask.

The trip seemed way longer then it should have been, and I'm sure it was even longer for poor Flipper. Once we arrived at our destination, and we stepped foot inside I was completely blown away.

In the little town of Derby Flipper had found a hidden gem, and Its hands down one of the coolest card shops I have ever set foot in. I'm going to post about this incredible sanctuary after my next visit Thursday so stay tuned!

After coming back down to earth I decided to go with a half box of 09 Threads Football, and a ridiculously marked down box of 09 Legendary Cuts Baseball. Being the impatient dude I be ( that's right I be) I decided to rip the 12 packs of Threads right there on the counter.

I hate to be negative right out the gate, but the first thing I noticed about 09 Threads is the base is for the birds. In my opinion the design is nothing more then a failed attempt at 3D, and a majority of the players look trapped inside a horizontal prison. Then again this is Threads, and with that being said I can give a crap about the base anyhow.

If there is one thing I have learned about Threads all that matters is what in the center of the pack, and here at the Mojo Hand we take pride in getting to the center of shit. So to make a long story short here are a few cards that I pulled from the center of the Threaded universe.

A Super Duper Mark Sanchez Autographed Rookie Class Letterman "N" 57/75.

One unfortunately trapped LaDainian Tomlison, and a tiny piece of his blue jersey 82/250.

A beautifully painted Tyson Jackson Gridiron Kings Dual Jersey 8/100. The G.K's are by far the best inserts in the set.

A very eloquently framed G.K of Marques Colston 12/100.

Two paralleled rookies of Gerald Mcrath/ Keenan Lewis both respectively numbered to 999.

One super shiny generations insert of Butkus/ Urlacher 73/100.

Last, but not least an incredibly blue shiny Triple Threat parallel of Brady, Moss, and Maroney 008/100.

So there we have it one half box of Threads ripped to shreds, and what would turn out to be the greatest Legendary Cuts box ever ripped yet to unveil.

To Be Cont.......

The Mojo Hand