Friday, September 11, 2009

6 N 30 Fort Mojo

The Vault


I don't have a binder so I hope the Mojo Vault is eligible. It consists of a locked file cabinet with two drawers.

The top drawer houses cards in five incredibly organized rows. The bottom drawer houses five secret rows guarded by a Model 30 Glock located in the hidden seventh chamber. The seventh chamber houses seven of the most rarest cards I own.

The file cabinet itself is guarded around the clock by the evil Diablo ( pictured above). He once mauled my neighbors son for staring at the vault for to long. He is incredibly ruthless, and sleeps directly in front of the bottom drawer. His loyalty defies logic.

I decided to go with the second row of the top drawer. It houses some of the more shinier cards the vault has to offer.

O.K here we go.

Sean Doolittle 2007 Bowman Draft Refractor.
The most serious card I own period.

Ben Revere 2007 Elite Gold Status 6/25
Look at how Ben's cleats perfectly touch the bottom edges of this card.
Perfect placement is an understatement.

I'm truly convinced that Carlos hit the Bong before this shot.
Or maybe he's Chitino.

Edwin Jackson 2003 Bowman Chrome R.C/ U.C 107/170.
Neonic glow.
A truly amazing card.

Brad Ziegler 2008 Bowman Chrome R.C 109/199
This card makes me paranoid. I think thats why I picked it.

Vida Blue 2005 Topps Pristine Refractor 313/549.
Ahh Vida Blue.

The Mojo Hand


  1. That's some dark shit right there mojo.

    Nice cards though...