Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Charles Goodyear"

I took that final step before laying my old gas grill to rest, and decided to convert it to a charcoal one. The burner cracked leaving me a 4 by 6 inch spot to safely cook food on. Instead of buying a new one I decided to stretch a dollar, and headed over to El Waldo for a sack of charcoal.

While there I passed the Temple of EL Waldo de Retailio, and picked up a couple loose retail packs of Allen and Ginter. I started to feel the beginning stages of Walmart Nervous Syndrome ( also known as W.N.S ) due to the overflowing lines, and headed straight for the self checkout line.

Once I got past the fellow impatient cringers like myself, and the thieves who somehow never get caught I high tailed it out of there like Michael Vick at the Westminster Kennal Club.

As usual I ripped the packs in the whip, and to my surprise pulled a Charles Goodyear mini. Could this be Gods way of telling me to quit blowing all my money on baseball cards, and replace my balding tires?

Nah! If that was the case it wouldn't be numbered 4/50.

The Mojo Hand


  1. You're not kidding about the thieves. I was checking out the card selection at Wally World when a guy made a bee-line from the back of the store, put down a couple of Sweet Spot packs taken out of one of the boxes they had for sale there and booked it out of the store. He must have found the big hit from the box and decided to leave the rest.

  2. Offy

    You should see the self check pack thieves. I once witnessed a guy slide a twenty in the slot for over 25 packs of Press Pass.