Saturday, August 15, 2009

5 Tool Anti

Lets raise the anti. Their seems to be a lot of yack over at Wax Heaven about High End stuff so how about we give some away. From high end to low end, and whatever hangs out in the middle if its in a pack The Mojo Hand will rip it. We choose not to discriminate.

Pictured above is a 2007 Exquisite " Game Debut" Carl Crawford Autograph 7/20. It is a truly bitching card.

Good Luck


  1. That is a very nice card. Sign me up and thank you.

  2. Brian

    It is an anti for the A&G Giveaway. You can feel free to guess the number of cards, and take a shot at the whole enchilada.


  3. was the meds....or something. I missed the original contest post...thanks.