Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Triple Gem!

Every once in a while a card comes along that makes you realize what an important roll on card autograph's play in our beloved hobby. I picked this 2004 Bowman Chrome Triple Autograph of Nick Markakis, Aaron Hill, and Eric Duncan in a trade with Tim.K ( A.K.A the secret weapon) last week.

As soon as I pulled it out of the bubble mailer I was completely blown away. Just take a moment to look at the sharp contrast of the autographs, and how well the blue ink sits on silver chrome. The chrome technology, and fantastic design work only adds to the personalized touch of the hard signed autograph's.

After witnessing this card Its not hard to imagine what some of the newer releases would look like with on card autographs. I know the subject has been beaten like a dead horse, but take a second to imagine what 08 threads could have been. A Pete Rose ink on foil masterpiece? A Willie Mays ? It would have been a great way to end the Donruss legacy, but it never happened.


Collectors, and Bloggers unite!! lets get this thing going. With your help I would like to start a petition/blog with fellow bloggers pleading with Topps, Upper Deck, and Pannini to do away with the dreaded sticker. This blog will be a petition only with digital signatures, etc. If anyone has any ideas, or wants to get in on it please email me.

Only we the collector can make the difference, and I think its time we do.

The Mojo Hand.


  1. You can count me in.

  2. Im sure we can get 1,000 signatures by the end of the month. Im going to start on the site Sunday. I will send you the first link Beardy.


    The Mojo Hand

  3. AnonymousJuly 23, 2009

    I'm down!!!