Friday, June 12, 2009

A Couple Tatts And The Mystery B- Real Autograph

Hey y'all

As 0f this afternoon The Goudey Giveaway 2/ Sports Legends/ Jarrod Parker Giveaway has yet to be conquered. Remember! Hints are spread out through the entire blog, and also try to count the cards this helps sometimes. I took a drive to the Reservation last night, and got inked by my homie Mike. I wanted to pay tribute to the two most important people in my life, and the end result is pictured above. I'm also having my last name scripted on my back in Old London with a flaming background, and its going to be off the chain when its done.

The Mojo Hand has been in existence for a little over four months now, and this morning was a reminder as to why I enjoy it so much. I know there are a few blogger's out there who don't care much for me, or my blog, and to me that's perfectly fine. I never intended this blog to be political, news breaking, or very popular with the professional blogging community by any means. I started this site, because I love to collect cards, and wanted to meet fellow collectors who are as crazy as about this hobby as I am.

My goal with The Mojo Hand was to create an atmosphere where the expert is you. Everyone has their own way of collecting , and you will never find an expert, because no two collections are the same. As far as giving away cards go I would rather give away a box then complain about it, because I know there is someone out there who would appreciate it instead. I don't mind helping a fellow collector with a card, because I know they would do the same.

Speaking of which I received a bubble mailer this morning from an anonymous collector, and tucked inside was the B-Real autograph pictured above. Who ever sent me this card I would like to say thanks, and now all you have to do is name the card.

The Mojo Hand


  1. Love the blog man, keep it up! Also, I got the Vin mazzaro in the mail today, ill send it this weekend!

  2. Who doesn't like Mr Mojo?!? I'll kill 'em!